Entrust our future with the light

Since the company establishment in 1993, NCC has been moving forward with our customers as their most reliable partner and the supplier of the coated halogen lamps for automobiles to them.
Entering into the 21st century, the needs for the coating on the lighting bulbs (lamps) are widening and diversifying in the field of not only automobile use but also aircraft use, general lighting, medical use and fishery industry.

Our three (3) strong points

1) NCC's unique coating technology :

As we developed the new coating paint of an inorganic materials at low temperature, we can coat the finished lighting bulb itself, which was understood impossible in the past. This unique coating technology enable you to decrease the assembly cost and also the assembling time at your factory.

2) Welcome the small lot order :

Because of our high quality control system and the well-organized processing flow at our factories, we can correspond and accept small quantity orders.

3) Advising function on the coating issue :

We can make the best possible advise and solutions against the various needs and requests through our business collaboration network with the materials suppliers.